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Posology and method of administration

Cisatracurium should only be administered by or under the supervision of anaesthetists or other clinicians who are familiar with the use and action of neuromuscular blocking agents. Facilities for tracheal intubation, and maintenance of pulmonary ventilation and adequate arterial oxygenation have to be available. Buy Cisatracurium Besylate

Please note that Cisatracurium should not be mixed in the same syringe or administered simultaneously through the same needle as propofol injectable emulsion or with alkaline solutions such as sodium thiopentone

 Qualitative and quantitative composition

  • One ampoule of 2.5ml contains 5 mg of cisatracurium
  • One ampoule of 5 ml contains 10 mg of cisatracurium
  • One ampoule of 10 ml contains 20 mg of cisatracurium


Symptoms and signs

Prolonged muscle paralysis and its consequences are expected to be the main signs of overdosage with Cisatracurium.


It is essential to maintain pulmonary ventilation and arterial oxygenation until adequate spontaneous respiration returns. Full sedation will be required since consciousness is not impaired by Cisatracurium. Recovery may be accelerated by the administration of anti-cholinesterase agents once evidence of spontaneous recovery is present.

Cisatracurium Besylate

2.5ml contains 5 mg, 5 ml contains 10 mg, 10 ml contains 20 mg


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